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AI-Robotics Revolution & Science-Religion Dialogue Job Kozhamthadam, SJ.   Ever since its inception 25 years ago, IISR (Indian Institute of Science and…

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Jesuits and Science – A Close Linkage                 Whenever I had occasion to say in public that the Jesuits played…

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Towards Reconciliation

Modern science and religion are arguably two most powerful influences in our society today, leading and guiding the life and destiny of people.  This is particularly true of our India where traditionally both science and religion have flourished and enjoyed great respect and wide support. However, it is often found that these two go diverse ways, particularly in contemporary times, leaving most people in a state of confusion and conflict.  Indian Institute of Science and Religion (IISR) is an attempt to bring together the latest findings of modern science and deepest insights of religions to build up a better humanity and a better India, particularly in her multi-religious, multicultural and multiracial context.  IISR is an undertaking by the Jesuit Province of Delhi in the age-old Jesuit tradition. History tells us that the Jesuit Society has been deeply and creatively involved in the origin and development of modern science right from its inception in the 16th century, as part of its service for the greater glory of God and the betterment of humanity.

IISR has been functioning for over 20 years extending its service in the field of science-religion dialogue to various institutions and organizations, particularly universities, colleges, major seminaries and similar institutions of higher education and research, Christian and non-Christian.

IISR is a response to the call of recent Popes and Superior Generals of the Society of Jesus for healthy and creative dialogue between faith and reason, Christianity and science.

It has also been at the service of the Church in India, particularly through the CBCI. In the past it had been serving CBCI-CSRS (CBCI Commission for Science, Religion and Society), the secretariat of which was in JDV (Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth) Pune.    The Director of IISR had been the Secretary of this Commission.  This service needs to be reactivated.